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  ILL 4 LIFE! OUR TIME, MY STORY is a non-fiction story about my time as an Ill-State Assassin and my group Tha Chamba. What is an Ill-State Assassin you ask? It's a music organization that reign in the Chicago hip hop golden era in the 80's, 90's and beyond. It's based on my life in the music industry, the trials and tribulations of thirty people struggling to make it in the music business. Friends turn into enemies, relationships, feuds with rival crews and family love. Trying to fulfill our dreams and being nominated for a Grammy award in the process. But most of all, making a mark in the history of urban hip hop music. This is the first installment from the creative mind of J. Wrice Sr. with more books to come.

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  KARESSA' VAULT IN ONE WAY OUT. The first of her Lone Marauder Series installments. Karessa' leads a dangerous life. Growing up in an environment of dereliction to become a notorious criminal, being in the underworld of society trouble can come from anywhere. When she put her trust in a friend, it turns into a inescapable situation where she has no choice but to comply. That's when she realize it's no way out. Until a opportunity presents itself. Then it's not when to get out but how to do it. Will she take it?
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  KARESSA' VAULT IN ONE WAY OUT 2. The Lone Marauder is back as the drama in her life continues. Karessa' Vault in the sequel falls in even deeper with her boss that has her under his thumb. More pitfalls and other discoveries has her life being more twisted than screws in a coffin. When she finds out darker secrets and people revealing who they really are changes the dynamics and scope of what she thought she knew already. Back stabbings, threats, heists, sex and murder is the norm and trust is just a word in the dictionary. Will Karessa' Vault be able to withstand the pressures that is marching her way? The hour glass at this point is half way gone and time waits for no one, not even her.​ Available Online Amazon, Amazon Kindle, The Book Patch ​and Barnes & Noble  


  KARESSA' VAULT IN ONE WAY OUT 3. Karessa' Vault is in her final hour and it's a now or never situation. As every minute ticks off the clock she must find a way to get from under Demond Landon ruthless reign. Hope and prayer is not enough to cease the grip he has on her life. Things are looking bleak backing her futher into a corner where she have to strike like a pitbull fighting for survival. Will her plan work or will she see death filling her beautiful brown eyes. It's only one way to find out. Available Online Amazon, Amazon Kindle, The Book Patch and Barnes & Noble


 CIRCLE CITY ( Due to Urban Diamond Pub. closing CIRCLE CITY is being reissued by the author in 2020)  Raul “Whisper” Bricks, is one of the two founders of the Circle City Cash Soldiers. He did a bid on some trumped up charges and once he was released he hit the streets with dreams of going legit. The co-founder of Circle City, Joe Ruthless, had taken over in his absence. He ran the the organization like a crazed madman, he was drunk with power. Whisper couldn’t stand to see his soldiers in such a helpless position, and he tried to reason with Ruthless. He finds out quickly that you can’t reason with the devil himself. 



 INVINCIBLE INFLUENCE. This is a chilling story about love and where it can take you. Sometimes people say they are really not who they are. No matter how much you try to walk a straight line trouble can always find a way to pull you in. The choices you make can lead to your fate if you’re not careful. The story of Thaddeus Brown is a young man trying to beat the odds of a kid from the hood.

  He is a wise man but when you have generosity and loyalty mixed in with it that can be a dangerous combination. People like to take your kindness for weakness, so you have to be careful who you fall in love with. Thaddeus will have to make some choices in his life. Being a gang banger in the streets of Chicago can come with a heavy price. Not everything that glitters is gold and friends can become enemies for the right price. And people can leave out your life but return with some baggage you might can’t help carry.

  Only the strong will survive and knowledge will take you further. Mr. Brown will find out what loyalty, smarts, game and especially love really means. If you love drama then prepare yourself for Thaddeus Brown’s reality, the world of deception. Available Online Amazon, Amazon Kindle, The Book Patch and Barnes & Noble 

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