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  When the morning broke, I saw Daesha was on her phone. It’s about 8:15 in the morning and my usual ritual when I get up is to twist me one before I get my day started. But I didn’t this time, I just felt so good that I wanted to just lie in bed. Looking at her while she’s on the phone with my shirt on was sexy. 

  Last night is one I will remember, well the love making part but I’m still stuck on what happened at that party and a piece of me thinks she had lied to me. It wasn’t the full truth well maybe sixty percentage of last night was true. Anyway, I must stay focus but at the same time I’m more attractive to her than ever before. Usually when I have sex with a woman I could control my feelings but Daesha got a trap between her legs that caught me. 

  “Trig can we get some breakfast?” I walked over and hugged her from the back and kissed her on her neck. “How about, I go upstairs and cook you a special last night breakfast?” “Last night breakfast, can you cook boy?” Laughing “I’m the best motherfucking cook in the Chi, haven’t met a man or woman that can out cook me yet.” “Really dude?” “Hell yea baby, I want my woman to get used to having a man cook for her.” 

  Sitting there with an astonishing look “Your woman huh? When did you decide I was your woman or have you forgotten I got a man?” Whispering in her ear “That’s something that we need to change Daesha.” “Wow Trig don’t tell me lil Daesha got you all sprung on her na na. If my gold package makes you want to be my boyfriend then my platinum package might have you wanting to marry a bitch. It’s a good thing I took it easy on you.” While I’m glaring into her eyes and holding her “Tell me you haven’t thought about us in a relationship.” 

  With a soft tone she says “I had thought about us in that way for a long time Trig, even before I disappeared to my grandmother’s house. Do you really believe you and me are made for each other?” I paused. “Yes I do Daesha, I’ve been loving you for a long time now.” Sitting her down I said “Let be one hundred with you, I fell in love with you years ago. I was always jealous when you talked about another nigga. I knew they couldn’t ever treat you the way I know I could treat you. Last night is the moment, I’ve always fantasize about with you. Now that I got you back in my life, I don’t want you to ever leave me again.” 

  Her eyes watering “That’s deep Trig and I had really thought about you the same way. Besides, Meech is not the man I see me with in the long run. I don’t really love him like he thinks I do.” Smiling “Let’s do it Trig, me and you. I’ll give Meech his walking papers. I know he’s going to be upset, might try to do something to me. But when I do I’m going to need a place to stay.” “You already know, you got a place here with me and far as doing anything to you do you need me to go with you to help handle the situation?” Thinking about my suggestion “No, I can handle him, don’t worry yourself about it. Let me get a rain check on breakfast so I can go take care of some business and I will catch up with you later.” 

  As the day moved on I did some grocery shopping for the house. I was wondering did I make the right decision to tell Daesha how I felt. It’s like everything happen at once and moving so fast. My cousin that I am close with stay in an area on the south side that’s called the Low End. I hit him up and told him I’m going to fall through to chill for a minute since I haven’t kicked it with him in a while. I made it down to 38th and King Dr. around 2pm. My cousin is in the backyard with some of his friends. 

  Now, my cousin and his guys are Gangster Disciples the opposite gang of what I am, some of the wildest ones too. After talking to my Uncle and Auntie in the kitchen I went in the back with them. 

  “What up cuzzo?” as he walk towards me “Long time no see nigga, where your punk ass been hiding at.” “What up cuzzo, I’ve haven’t been hiding just been a little busy.” “If you were a little busy that means you had time you wasn’t big busy motherfucker.” Laughing “Nigga you crazy, big busy, you right but I have been going to school and getting my hustle on.” “That second part sounded good G but the school shit you can keep, you know I hate fucking school.” 

  My phone started ringing. “Hold on cuzzo I got to answer this.” “Hello?”  In a loud distress tone “TRIG THIS ME, THAT MOTHERFUCKING MEECH JUMPED ON ME!” “He did what?” I TOLD HIM WE WAS OVER, HE GOT UPSET AND PUNCH ME IN MY FACE, I NEED TO SEE YOU, WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT!” “Ok bay, I’m on the Low End at my cousin’s crib.” Daesha had calmed down some “Well you need to meet me at your house now.” “Ok bay, start heading that way and I’ll meet you there.” “I’m already over here, just come on.” “Look, I’m on my way, don’t go nowhere you hear me.” 

  Turning to my cousin “Yo’ cuzzo I’m sorry but I got to make a run it’s an emergency.” “Is everything ok G, you need some assistance?” “Naw bro, but if I do I’ll hit your phone.” “Fa’ sho Trig go handle that business nigga keep me posted.” 

  Racing over to Lake Shore Drive, I was hoping I didn’t get pulled over by them boys. It felt like I made it back to the crib in milliseconds and I see Daesha waiting in her car. Once she saw me she got out her car and waited for me to park. As I got close to her I can see the side of her face looking swollen. I didn’t say a word I just hugged her and took her down to the basement. Inside she just felled into my arms with her head in my chest. As moments went pass we stood there just holding each other. Then she lifted her head up, looked at me and said I’m all yours now. I put her in my bed and she fell asleep. 

  I’m sitting there thinking I can’t let this shit ride. So now my mind is working on a plan to fuck this nigga up for this bullshit he pulled. I took a walk through the land just to see what’s happening but it wasn’t anything going on. Niggas hanging and hustling like always, just watching out for the police and the ops. So I went inside the restaurant to get me an Italian beef. Pop off a few bags of weed while I was waiting. 


Walking back to the crib one of the Four Corner Hustlers name Locco hit me up to hold some money. This dude is kind of messed up in the head from getting jumped on by some Black Stones. They put him in the hospital and he sustained some brain damage from what happened to him, so he speaks with a slur now. In other words, foe doesn’t have it all, mostly be out here on dummy. 

  Sticking people up and doing whatever to put some dough in his pocket. I know I’m not getting my money back, he still owes me from other times I lend him money. But I took it as insurance in case I ever need his assistance whenever I need him. He told me a couple of niggas he never seen before came through here looking for me. Saying they need to holler at me about a situation that I might know about. 

  “Really, what’s their name Foe?” Eyes shifting from side to side “I don’t know, but one of them had a funny way of talking foe he sounded like dude DMX was fucking with in Belly.” “You’re talking about the Jamaican dude?” “Yea Foe with that bowl of green and he shot up all them pussy ass niggas in his crib with that chopper. 

  They saw me standing on the block and yelled out the window do I know a nigga name Trigger?” I said “Who wanna know? Oh boy got out the car and we hollered then they got little. I thought he was on some bullshit, so I was ready to air his ass out for real.” “What did he say?” “Trig, I couldn’t understand shit that motherfucker was saying, all I said was ok, whatever nigga. The only word I did hear was situation.” 

  “Good looking Foe. Don’t tell those niggas where I stay but if they come back hit my phone and tell me where they’re at.” “I got you Trig.” Shook it up with him then I left. 

  I believe it’s that Nigga Meech looking for Daesha and think I might know where she’s at but he didn’t talk with an accent though. When I get back in the crib Daesha was still sleep. But now I got some niggas looking for me in my own hood, that’s not about to happen. So I went and scooped up a few of the foes and we rode out to the Hunneds an area 

  that’s on the far South Side. We’ve been riding around looking for Meech for about an hour. We couldn’t find him but I did run into a female friend of mines. 

  “Trigger what’s up with you man, what you doing out this way?” Giving me a hug “Hey Shay, just chillin’ with my peoples, girl you look good you been working out?” “Yea I’ve been hitting the gym a few times a week. Slow down on the fast food.” “You slowed up on the fast food? You used to have to have a gyro, pizza puff or something damn near everyday just to function.” “Boy yes I did but a sister getting older, so all that I had to leave it alone. I’m not going to lie though I do treat myself to a gyro twice a month. It’s hard to leave em’ alone.” 

  “I feel ya’ on that. Let me ask you something, do you know a nigga out here name Meech?” Thinking for a quick minute “Yea, the Meech I know stays at his cousin’s Larry’s house on 103rd and I think Normal.”   I asked her “Is the Meech you talking about tall, light skin with braids?” “Yea, slim got some damage on the side of his face like he got hit with a bag of nickles.” “You crazy Shay, ok, when was the last time you saw him?” Wrinkles coming across her forehead “I probably saw him a couple of days ago at the gas station on Wentworth.” “Ok, let me get out of here, I see some niggas looking like they’re on some bullshit, you be safe and good seeing you girl.” “Aw, you too Trigger, be safe, good seeing you too.” “Do me a favor though, take my number right quick and when you see him go to his cousin’s crib just text me ok?” “Ok I’ll let you know but you going to owe me.” “Ok, ok, I gotcha.” 

  We went back to the hood with this on my mind I decided to play it cool. Once I got in the house Daesha woke up when I closed the door from entering the crib. “Hey, where are you coming from?” “I was hanging out on the block for a minute. How are you feeling?” “I feel ok, head still throbbing a little bit and face hurting but not as much.” I walked over and sat on the bed then started rubbing her feet. “Have you heard from Meech?” “He been calling, texting me but I haven’t responded. I’m just so done with him Trig, I told you I’m yours.” “I know I just wanted to know have you talked to him, because y’all did just break up. It’s not unusual for people to talk right after they just broke up, no matter if they trying to get back together or not.” “You’re right but no I haven’t talked to him. What time is it?” “It’s 1:12am and a nigga is tired, bout’ to go to sleep.” “Gone head and lay down bay, I’m going to smoke and watch some T.V. for a while.” 

  Before I lay down I went upstairs to check on my mom because she never did text or even call me to let me know she made it home. I knocked on her room door. I didn’t get an answer so I crack it a little bit and she was out for the night. I went and checked the front door to make sure she locked it after she came in. I grabbed me a juice then went down stairs. Laid down and started to doze off. I’m half way sleep but I could see Daesha texting somebody. If I was a betting man, I’ll bet on that’s Meech she’s texting. 

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CIRCLE CITY ( Due to Urban Diamond Pub. closing CIRCLE CITY is being reissued by the author in 2019)




 That night Lolli and I with our people hit the club hard having a good time like the old days. Drinks are flowing, but I had enough in my dam where it’s time to take a leak. Coming out of the washroom “Is that Whisper?” had floated in the air. I turn my head to the right and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the Circle City Bully, Joe Ruthless. He’s standing there with a woman on each arm and two body guards behind him. A white fur jacket with a matching hat, three gold rings with a gold chain to match. The diamond in his ear bouncing the lights in every direction with a dark gray suit and gray wingtip Oxfords with a cigar in his right hand, I see life has been doing him good. We walked towards each other extending our hands. “Whisper, damn brother it’s been a long time.” as he we embrace with a hug. “Joe Ruthless” as I step back “You looking good brother, yes it has been a long time.” “I thought you were still locked up, so when did you hit the pavement?” “About a month some weeks ago, I chilled for a minute but my people found out I’m home and decided to take me out and celebrate my freedom.” With his head half cock and a half smirk “Oh really, why haven’t anybody alert me about you being back?” “Alert you? You making it sound like you needed a warning about my presence.” “Naw man I didn’t mean it like that, in other words why didn’t anybody tell me so I could have brought out the club and gave you a real celebration.” “I don’t know but it’s cool homie we in the back, Lolli, Doc and the rest of them.” “Aw Lolli and Doc here too, they knew you were out?” With a look of confusion on my face “Yeah they did, I ran into them at the corner store a couple of weeks ago, what’s up with all the questions, you wearing a wire or something?” “C’mon son, you know I don’t swim with the sharks and eat with the rats, I’m glad to see you my nigga” as he put his right hand on my shoulder.


  Looking in his eyes I don’t see the same Joe Ruthless I used to be partners with, he seems more diabolical, sinister even. His touch on my shoulder felt more as if a mob boss touches a soldier that he’s going to whack off. But Lolli had told me at times when his name came up in our conversation Joe claims to be the reincarnation of Suge Knight and his label is the new Death Row Records. The only difference is he’s smarter than Suge and learned from his mistakes. I guess that makes me P. Diddy because I wasn’t thinking about starting another company but seeing him makes the urges come back. Looking at his hand on my shoulder then putting my focus back on him “Naw bro I don’t think that you would, it was a joke anyway, come back here with me and have a drink.” “No doubt, lead the way.” Breaking through the crowd we made it to the back room. Once we walked inside the room I announced his presence. From that it felt like the whole atmosphere changed. Voices were overpowering the music now the sounds out the speaker took control. Joe puts his cigar in his mouth and extended his arms to his sides and one of his body guards removed his fur off of him and laid it over his fore arm. He raised his hands about chest high and said what’s up y’all are we celebrating or what. I glazed around the room and saw the expressions on Doc and Lolli face, it’s somewhat fear. “C’mon now keep partying, we celebrating my good friend Whisper’s home coming. Stop looking like zombies and party it up.” Everybody starts to mingle again but it felt as if their morale shaken. I’m not getting the same feel they had before I went to the washroom; it seems sort of grim. “Let’s sit down Whisper and have that drink you were talking about us having.” All the seats were taking but when Joe approaches one table niggas scattered like their life depended on it. He didn’t say a word just went towards them and it became five empty seats. We sat down and he waved his hand at Lolli to come over. “What’s up Lolli I haven’t seen you but I have heard from you here and there. Where have you been or doing?” From me knowing Lolli she’s never been no punk or back down from no one. But her face look pale and I can see a lump in her throat rubbing her four fingers with her thumbs. “Just been hanging with Whisper, catching up with him that’s all, waiting on you far as the trip we’re taking out of town.” Lighting his cigar while puffing on it, he blows the smoke out that he collected in his mouth. “If you had bothered to stop through at the office you would know that trip was taking three days ago and it went well too.” Joe stares at her, he rolls his cigar in the ash tray and put it back to his mouth and took a pull. “We really could of used you Lolli, do me a favor, go to the bar and tell them to send me their most expensive champagne and the finest cognac they have, we celebrating, money ain’t a thang for an old friend, can you handle that, Lolli?” Lowering her head she muttered “Yes, I will be right back.” I’m in amazement, stun, shocked from the display I just saw. First everybody was around me now it’s like I got a red dot on my head and they notice and trying to avoid me. 


  “So Whisper old friend, what do you have on the horizon, any plans on your future?” Here he goes again with the question, trying to pry into my brain and now he’s using the term old friend. “Well old friend, I was thinking about starting a label again, getting back in the hip hop business and more.” “Why do that when you can just join forces with me? I mean I’m already established, you can work for me.” “Work for you or with you? You know I always been a boss and I don’t settle for nothing less, Circle City Soldiers are and will always be mines just as well as yours, we shared the power remember?” By now the drinks has arrived and the waitress popped open the bottle of champagne for us and poured our glasses. Picking up his glass he glares at it spinning it slowly through his fingers. Then he sits it back down. “I understand your plight Whisper, we’re both men and we did create Circle City together but you been away and I had to run shit on my own. Keeping it popping and instilling fear in the opposition. I believe that do declare me to at least have a seventy-thirty split. If it wasn’t for me it would had went up in ashes. Do you agree?” “That is what a partner supposed to do. When Capone was locked up didn’t his second in command handle his affairs until he came home and he did eleven years in the joint? That’s how operations usually work.” Pausing as to collect his thoughts “Yes he did come back son and resume control or he thought he was. You know his mind was fucked up so they made him think he ran shit while in actuality he became a figure head like the president of the United States. All he had was his name but power he didn’t. His name held power but the man behind the name was worthless. Dig me? And I didn’t know I was second in command. That’s news to me brother.” “I didn’t mean second in command as your position I meant it more as hypothetically in our situation. More of an example as in the king doesn’t move. You didn’t move so why should I?” A sinister smirk paints his lips “You right Whisper what was I thinking, half of my wealth should have been giving to you upon your arrival huh, my car collection too. Hell, why not give you half of Ruff House Records that had to invent to get the stain of Got Bricks Records off of the Triple C’s. Because you know the feds were watching our movement. I don’t suppose to get credit for that.” Joe grabs the cognac bottle and rips off the cap and pours him and me a half filled glass. He downs the first one and pours another one. “So whisper you tell me, Joe Ruthless how this scenario supposed to play out because obviously I haven’t read the script.” Taking a sip out my glass “I don’t want or need half of anything you created or accumulated since my departure. That’s all you soldier. I see you worked hard for it. I laid down the blueprint and you followed it to a T. That’s cool. I see how you dressing, slanging your money around and put fear into our own people. But you know what a boss really is, the boss doesn’t have his own fear him, he has them respect him and with respect your soldiers will do anything you ask of them. I noticed when we came in here the looks on everyone’s faces. That’s fear brother. But me, I fear no man. I could be standing in front of four niggas alone, it’s either me or them but I’m not running. We bleed the same. So far as working for you son, I will have to decline your offer, old friend.” 

  He turns to one of his body guards and snicker at him. Picking up his glass of champagne he stands up and raised his glass. “Attention everyone, stop talking and pay attention. Tonight we are here to celebrate our friend, our Triple C OG, the captain of the ship a true Chief among Chiefs. When I met Whisper, he was into a fight with them spaghetti eating motherfuckers on Cedar Street. They had my man pinned down but that’s not the point. I saw a brother in need and aided his assistance. From there we became best friends, scratch that, we became brothers. We created the Circle City Cash Soldiers because of that. And til this day we still standing and getting money. I extended my hand to him and offered him to come to Ruff House Records. He declined. Am I hurt, yes, but I still respect his decision because he’s a man. He wants to start his own label. So the Triple C’s will have two labels which will be run by both kings is a great idea to fund our enterprise. I give you my blessings my brother, TO WHISPER!” The crowd roared back to Whisper but it was vague in my ears because all I’m thinking about is the words that Joe just squeezed out his mouth. I don’t believe it’s going to be peace between us. This is all a front but I’m willing to play his little game for now. He bellowed out “Lolli and Doc I need to holler at y’all son, meet me outside.” Putting on his coat and holding his hat “Well Whisper I’m glad you home. Anything you need from me just get at me yo’.” Giving him the Triple C handshake “Thanks brother but I doubt I would need it.” “You never know what you need until you need it Whisper, help is nothing but a bridge to keep the parade moving.” Slipping his hat on his bald head he motioned his arms for the two women with him to accost each one. Leaving out Lolli looks at me and says I’ll be right back. I took the champagne and the cognac bottles he brought and gave it to my friends. I sat there contemplating what could be my next move first thing I know I must find an artist and a producer. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the streets and check out a few places. See what been beating the streets hard these days. 


  Twenty minutes went by and while chopping it up with a few of the soldiers Lolli came back to the party. By her face expression I can tell she had something on her mind. Visibly shaken she sat on the couch and leaned her head back making one with the ceiling. I went and poured her some liquor and took it over to her. I sat down and tapped her on her leg and handed her the glass. Not saying a word she took a sip and grasped the glass with both hands. I wanted to know what is on her mind but the vibe I’m getting she’s not in the mood to talk just entertain her thoughts. So I sat with her, I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the side of her head. “Whatever it is it will be ok Lolli, I promise you.” I got up and went to mingle to give her some space. But then it dawned on me that Doc never came back, he never said he was calling it a night. Putting my attention back on Lolli I noticed a laceration on her face. Now I’m boiling because it wasn’t there until she stepped outside with Joe, wondering did he do something to her. I didn’t want to confront her while we were in here, so I decided to wait until I took her home. 


  I chilled for about another thirty minutes and told Lolli let’s ride out. Riding home I asked her do she want to grab some food first, she declined with a dry response. The atmosphere felt numb, but I couldn’t let her out unless she told me what had happened. Five minutes from her destination the police pulled me over. Once they approached the car one on each side he tapped on my window and indicated for me to let it down. When I rolled down the window he said we pulled you over because I didn’t signal to make a turn. Apologizing for not signaling he asked for my license and insurance. I gave him what he asked for, upon looking at my license he looked at me and said “Raul Bricks, what you’re doing out here this time in the morning, you just came from a drug deal?” Lightly laughing I replied “No Mr. Officer, I coming from the club, just taking my friend home.” He flashes his light on Lolli and she held up her head slowly and looked in his direction. “Whoa, that’s a nice bruise you got there, how did that happen?” “I got into a fight the other day sir, I’m alright though.” Shining his light on me then back on her he says “It’s ok to tell me did he do this to you?” “No sir, from a fight with two women over a guy.” “Your wound looks fresh like it just occurred, you sure it’s anything you want to tell me?” “I told you it’s from a fight, he didn’t do this he will never put his hands on me.” With his eyes squinted he stares at her then clicked off his flash light. “Hold tight sir, keep an eye on them.” He walked back to his car I guess to run my name and see if I had a warrant. Some moments had passed and he motioned back to my truck. “Here you go, next time you don’t signal not only will I give you a ticket, I will take you and beat a confession out of you, you hear me asshole?” Staying calm even though I wanted to explode I said “Yes sir it will never happen again.” He gives me a look like he wanted to change his mind and do what he just said. I started my vehicle back up and proceeded to Lolli house. Sitting in front of her crib I asked her what happen to your face. You got to understand Lolli is a beautiful woman, as much of a thug she can be she still is a woman. It’s only so much a woman can take and even being tough at times they too need a shoulder to cry on. She says “Could you stay the night with me, I don’t feel like being alone.” “Sure I can, you know I’m there for you girl.”


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Karessa' Vault In One Way Out 3 (Coming May 21, 2018)



  Two days from the time the Queen called Demond she got in touch with me. What a coincidence she was out of town heard from her. At the same time he was I wonder what they were concocting, what ingredients they are mixing together. I made a stop at a costume store on the way home to pick up a disguise. The following night I dressed up as a nurse and headed to the hospital where the snitch is at. Made me a fake identification card put on a wig and stacked my face with heavy makeup like an old church lady with thick lens glasses.

  Going through the emergency room I see faces of grief. The wounded, the accident from enough to end up here. A few cops peppered throughout the area, some screaming from the back. Excuse me nurse a man says to me but I keep walking as if I haven't heard him. He repeats his words again this time by the way the words hit my ears I can tell he's coming closure behind me. After the third time I halt my advance and turn to him, yes may I help you I asked. He's trying to locate his daughter but it seems everyone is help from anyone. The questions he is asking I can't supply the answers as much as I want to. His eyes are telling me the story of his soul, hurting inside. This is throwing a damper in my mission but it's no way to shake him plus this will be weighing on my conscious.It might be small but I hate to see someone not knowing where their love one is unless they don't deserve to be found. With his hands clasp together in prayer stance and he's looking at me as an angel to nourish his needs. Ok I told him let's find your daughter. He gave her name so I went behind the nurse's desk and jumped on the computer.

  Typing his daughter's name a nurse says "May I help you nurse?" It's actually one of the nurses that work here. "Hi I'm nurse Williams I'm new here actually my first day, well night, I'm trying to help this gentleman find his daughter." With a suspicious image on her face ‚I wasn't told about any new nurses coming in tonight are you sure you are at the right hospital?‛ ‚Yes this is the one I applied to and Ms. Zipper or Zitter told me I started tonight. In a confused tone "I haven't heard of no head nurse name Zitter or Zipper." Moving over to the computer she looks at the computer screen then looked back at me. "Move over let me search for her you go attend to the patient in 4c. Prep him so he can be moved upstairs nurse what is your name again?" "Williams, Asanti Williams Ms." With a stern expression on her face eying me over her glasses frame, "It’s Mrs. Moorehead. The head nurse on duty tonight." The man shook my hand thoroughly before I left thanking me for trying to help. Mrs. Moorehead huh, I know the people who doesn't like her have a million jokes with her name attached. I went to 4c just to check on the  person inside but it wasn't anyone there. I lucked out on that, I glance back around the corner to see if Mrs. Moorehead was still at the desk but her and the man were gone. Checking the directory on the wall I found the floor where the intensive care unit is on. Getting off the elevator I can see a police officer sitting in front of a room in the middle of the hall. That got to be where they are keeping the witness. I walked in the opposite direction thinking of a way to get inside the room without seeming suspicious. Going pass a patient's room I saw a women sleep with a tray with medicine and a pair of latex gloves on it beside her bed. Picking up the tray I went down to where the police officer is guarding the door.

  Getting closure he appears fatigued, head going forward making him jump back up with his eyes open wide. Standing in front of him I say excuse me sir. Not hearing me because now he has found his dreamy space. Officer excuse me holding the tray with one hand I tapped him on his shoulder. Waking up he says sorry its been a long and trying day. I told him I must check on the patience vitals and give her a shot for her pain. Of course you can go in just let me know if you need anything. I said thank you and you dozing off, that will be our little secret. Smiling at him I turned the knob and entered the room. The only noise I can hear is the heart monitor beeping and the cop's walkie talkie even though he has it on a low volume. I close the blinds on the windows getting ready to exterminate my victim. Motioning for the bed I hear an announcement come over his frequency. Be on the lookout for a woman opposing as a nurse, as the description is ran down the woman he just described is me.

  Having to abort the mission I went for the door but the door is already being open from the other side. Quickly I darted in the washroom before I did I snatch a needle of the tray. Peeking through the crack I saw his gun pointed entering the passage before his body. Shocked by his finding of me not there the hand with the gun in it falls to the side of him as he scratches his head with the other. Without hesitation I bolted and stuck the needle in his jugular vein, making him burst into wounded soldier's yell. Scooping up his gun when he dropped it he's staggering knocking over whatever objects in his path. While he is dealing with his troubles I took that time to plan my getaway.

  I stuck my head out the door way swerving side to side, then pursued for the exit. I made it to the end of the hall to the stairs I heard footsteps petty patting fast echoing off the walls. Its three policemen rushing to the witness room, I hit the stairs not before the made a closing squeak. Down there the stair way one says loudly, now I'm skipping stairs hop scotch style. I'm three staircases down before they pass the first flight. I see you stop where you are he bellows, feeling like I'm back in Las Vegas when I was being chased by the security officers. Making it to the third floor I tried to detour so I could throw them off my track, it didn't work. I saw a couple of narcs going room to room searching. I'm expecting the first floor to be swarming with blue coats waiting for me to be flushed their way. But when I pulled the door right in front of me I found my new escape plan.

  It's a patient sitting in a wheel chair. I hopped behind the chair and commenced to push the hospital ridden person. Moving at a steady pace trying to at least make it half way down before the company that is following me draw attention this way. A custodian is wiping down the walls ahead he has earplugs on just dwelling in the world he's in. Then my time is almost up stop her is flowing through the mild noise that fills the first floor. I started pushing faster now the nurse who patient I stole has appeared, throwing words in the air. My mind is racing I turn the wheel chair around and exert it at my followers. Letting off a few shots to make them duck and hide knowing they wasn't going to shoot back because of the guy inthe wheel chair and janitor is in their view. But coming from the back of me are blue boys who heard the ruckus. Telling me to drop my gun, I ditch inside the room I am next to wondering what is my next step.

  The only thing between me and my freedom is a thick window to the outside so I push some bullets in to make it shatter. Diving through I got little in the darkness of the night but not without police cars driving up and down the streets using their search lights even a couple of helicopters came to play. Every move I made is premeditated can't afford to slip up. Plus wearing all white scrubs I wouldn't be hard to spot out on the surface and the street lights are looking to me like downtown right about now. Creeping my way two blocks down it's a gas station across the street. A guy just rolled up to the gas pump on a motorcycle. Once he went inside, figuring this my chance I checked each side of me looking for any police or their associates. I didn't see any cars or cruisers from the police; at the speed of acheetah I made it across and hid beside the ice freezer. Staying low, heart thumping putting a print in my chest I sat in wait for my prey. He came strolling out holding a bag in his hand and whistling. He took the pump out the holster of the gas tank and slid it in his motorcycle tank. Becoming impatient I had to tell myself to remain calm we got to time this just right. Coming in the gas station through the other side of it is the police.

  Damn, parking they get out the squad car but leaning on the hood conversing. By this time the biker is on his phone taking the pump out of his tank to put it back in the pump’s holster. Taking his time he leans against the pump laughing then sat on his motorcycle. The police still outside moving slow as they argue over which football team better than the other. The sound of cycle engine catches their attention momentarily. The biker looks in their direction and gives them a nod and a wave. They acknowledge him back, finally they are going inside at which I made my move. My stratagem should catch him off guard I marched in blur speed to him. I’m three feet away when he turns around. Surprised his reaction made him swing at the gun that fell out of my hands onto the pavement. Trying to accelerate I hop on the back wrapping my arms around his neck.

  Making it on to the street he's jerking the bike because of the pressure I'm applying. One hand on the bike handles the other trying to pry my arm loose. It's hard for him to do while spiting and I'm deflecting his breathing and coordination. Finally crashing into a parked car he wasn't moving, I ripped him off the driver seat. The cops are now coming out of the gas station and  headed my way. I rolled the bike backwards and got on it quickly as possible. Reviving the engine I left a skid mark as I burned down the road. Seeing the body laid on the pavement and me zooming off the blue lights and sirens started to blare.

  Speeding down a long stretch of road the bird in the sky put the beam on me. Now the spot light on me like I'm the ring leader in a circus following my every motion. Flying through yellows and reds throughout the medical district it's never a green when you're in a situation like mines. Now it's two cars and one cruiser that joined our little party. I made a right turn into an alley way almost being hit by a delivery truck backing out from making a delivery. Reaching the end of the alley, crossing over to the next one and then the next, not stopping or even pausing until I find a safe haven. I ended up in an abandon warehouse, the noise of the motorcycle and my beam from the headlight made the rats scatter in every direction. Hopping off the bike I ran to where I just entered and looked in the sky, but didn't see or hear a chopper. But the ground crew is still close around one just zoomed pass the building I’m occupying at the moment.

  Right now I'm approximately a mile away from my old neighborhood I grew up in. Making it there I can find someone to deliver me home. Thirty minutes later I made it lurking around for a body to help me with my mission. Going by the locale neighborhood restaurant it's only one person inside and the last person I wanted to see. Larry my ex-boyfriend, the last time I was over here I had to put him down for being on bullshit. Just before I walked by my name was called, when I checked to see who it were, it's my old gang banging friends Cheryl and Trixie. Trixie asked "What the fuck you doing over here this late hoe?" Approaching the car I replied, "What's up bitch, actually my car just got towed and I happen to be in the area, looking for a ride so I can get to the crib." "Where are you staying at now?" "Over on Ocean Drive and Fifth Street by the harbor." "Look at you Ms. Fancy no wonder niggas don't be seeing you anymore, you then came up. Come on we will take you there. What you are a nurse now?"."Naw girl it's a long story why I got these scrubs on you wouldn't believe the night I'm having." 

  By this time Larry had come out the restaurant holding his bag of food. One for not just going about his way he decides to mouth off. "Bitch what you doing here you're not from over here no more. I revoked your hood pass the last time you stomped through here." Ignoring his insults I reached for the back seat car door handle, my nostrils are enlighten by the smell of the after effects of the weed smoke sipping from the car. "You lucky I don't beat your ass for that bullshit you pulled on me, the next time I catch you over here I'm going to stomp a mud hole in your ass bitch. I mean that shit for real." Ok I can only ignore so much once again he touch a nerve that I can't contain. I know I should of sucked it up because what's going on with the authorities. But niggas like him never learn their lesson even after being embarrassed in front of the neighborhood. "Who the hell you think you're threaten Larry, you think I'm scared of you, you damn crack head as bitch nigga. You need to take your broke ass on before I stomp a mud hole in your nasty ass bitch." My friends in the car are telling me to come on don't worry about him but I couldn't just let him slide. I can make him come up missing with his face on a milk carton. He put his food down on the ground gesturing his stance in a fighting position. "So what's up then hoe I'm sober this time guarantee you won't be able to pull that same shit you did the other time, run up bitch. And I'm going to knock your UGLY ASS OUT!" Not wanting to engage in his foolish I went to get in the car but he came from behind and snuffed me in the back of my head. Falling forward I stumbled over to the car and grab the trunk to keep my balance. Holding the back of my head I did an exorcist one eighty towards him. I can hear him talking belligerent as my mind becomes black and my rage flashes red. Like a shark swimming fast smelling the blood of his victim I struck him without warning. Striking at break neck speed before I knew it the window of the restaurant were twinkling down to the pavement. Larry's physique covering half of the smashed glass and I'm standing in a Jet Li pose. In the back ground the laughter of Cheryl and Trixie splashed like water. Let's go of them said, since it seems that Larry wouldn't be eating anything soon I picked up his bag of food and took it with me. Making it to my house I let my old friends come up so we can reminisce and flood our systems with drinks and drugs.

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Karessa' Vault In One Way Out 2


   Feeling famish I had a taste for something greasy even though I do try to stay on my health kick I wanted some fat boy food. Going inside the grease joint that makes the best gyros on my side of the city and that I love so much an old friend or should I say foe is enjoying some food. Detective Darius Malone, the fucking pig that help me into this mess that I’m in, ignoring him as I place my order he dared to spit my name out of his mouth. “Hey Karessa’, over here.” as I turned around he’s accosted me like we are best friends and haven’t seen each other in years. With the snarl of a German Shepard and eyes cutting like a scorn lover I’m surprised smoke wasn’t blowing out my nose like a bull. I walked over to the table and sat down feeling nonchalant.

  “Detective Malone, I’m surprised, it’s daylight yet you decided to slither out of your castle and coffin you vampire.” “Now Karessa’ is that any way to talk to an old friend, lover I should say for anything you should be thanking me.” “Thanking you, now what would possess that toe nail size brain of yours to say that?” “Look at you, Miss uncountable money right, I’m your Joe Jackson I put you in a position to achieve that and now I’m the bad guy.” Leaning back trying to compose myself “What, you put me in an uncompromising position asshole with one of the biggest criminals in these states not to mention Ghana.” Sounding bitter “You’re not under his thumb by yourself Karessa’, how do you think I feel huh, everyday knowing I dishonored the oath I took so deep in this shit it’s not enough tissues in this state to wipe it away. For years I tried to figure out how to get out, but it’s no way out but death that’s it.” “See what you said under his thumb, the difference is you chose to be I didn’t, I was forced with no choice but to comply, so save your sob story for someone who cares because I don’t give a damn.”

  Discontented he talks with an aggressive tone “Well it’s nothing you can do about it now, so stop whining and acting like a bitch and ride the wave like the rest of us. (Discontent turns into derisive) What are you going to do Karessa’, huh, kill me, I would love to see you do that.” Inclining so I can get right in his face “Listen to me, every dog has his day, especially crooked pigs, if I were you I’ll would select the words you say to me carefully because I might interpret what you saying the wrong way and answer your question for you.”

  The cashier behind the counter called out my food order. I got up, went to the counter to retrieve my food, as I’m walking towards the door I looked at him. Daggers from his eyes would have killed me before I made it to the exit if they were real. I raised my hand and formed my hand into a gun then pointed at him. I said boom as I raised my hand back up and blew the fake smoke from the gun, smirked and left out the door. The nerve of him trying to justify getting me in this setting, I should have blown the noodles out of his head right then and there. His stay on this earth is limited and he doesn’t even know it. Just the thought of him walking around, living his life as if he done no harm to anyone, I wonder how many other poor souls he help get caught in this twisted game.

  Before I could pull out my keys he’s running up behind me screaming “KARESSA' WAIT! Can I talk to you for a second please?” “You said everything you needed to say to me in there.” “Would you just listen, I want to apologize for everything that happened I was just doing what I was told. I’m stuck too I want out so bad I’m willing to risk my life to kill Demond myself (His talk is as one of a politician trying to convince me to vote for him) What about we work together, come up with some sort of a plan to get rid of him like setting him up somehow?” Before he went any further with his talk I stopped him and chimed in. “It’s nothing you can say or do that will make me join forces with you, for all I know you’re setting me up at this very moment. I don’t trust you your name tastes like shit in my mouth. I regret meeting you, having sex with you and you been a damn detective for seven or whatever odd years also you lied to me. I took you out to celebrate not even knowing you for that long when all the time you were just playing me.” He’s standing with his hands on his hips licking his lips trying to think of the right words to convince me otherwise to join together against Demond. “I’m sorry I had to do what I had to do, my hands are tied. I’m just saying us working together to get rid of this tyrant, it can be done. After that you can go your way and I will go mines no strings attached.”

  Wanting me to shake his hand as he extended it to me, I looked down at it then up at him. “You can keep your filthy hand shake and forget we ever had this conversation. This blood sport is every man (pause) and women for themselves I don’t need your help, Detective.”  Chirping the lock to open my truck door he started walking away. Before I could sit down he says “Aw by the way, you have a friend name Samara right that’s in jail. It’ll be a shame that her stay turns into more years that she even anticipated, or maybe a permanent stay. I can make it that she grows old in that motherfucker. You think you didn’t have a choice in the matter, oops you-are-right, you have none baby.” As he’s walking away he’s yelling “THINK ABOUT IT KARESSA’, I love when a plan is about to come together when the other person has no choice but to go along with it.”

 Gritting my teeth and pounding my fist on my truck I mumbled you small dick motherfucker. No choice is that what he said to me, he must not know who he’s dealing with. I see the Detective must understand how certified I am, no worries, the end will definitely justify the means in this scenario I promise. Losing my appetite I toss the gyro in the trash can, rode pass the grease spot to get one last look at detective jackass and proceeded to my home.

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Karessa' Vault In One Way Out


  Back at my apartment, I was on my computer when I got a call. It’s an old friend of mines from my neighborhood I grew up in. We join the gang around the same time. Went to the same school, you know, we did a few things together. He’s telling me about a job he needs help with, if everything go smooth, I can have seventy-five hundred in my pocket. Ok, I can live with that, now I need to know what services I can provide to this deed. “So, once you disable the alarm system, I’ll go in and you keep watch.” I’m looking at the house, scoping out the whole scenery, for all possible exits in case I had to get away. “Cool, so how much money you said that’s in there?” “About thirty-thousand including some jewelry, that’s a bonus.” Smirking “Well, it sounds like the deal we have, need to be renegotiated. Give me ten.” “Ten! Are you for real Karessa’? with a surprised look on his face. How you going to come at me like that?” “Come at you like what, you just said it’s thirty-thousand in there.” “I said about thirty Karessa’.” In an aggressive tone “Ok, about thirty, that still doesn’t changed the fact plus jewelry Cody, damn man, just hit me with a ten. Not only am I the look out, I’m the only person you know that can disarm a system and if any interruption gets in our way, I shoot first, fuck the questions later. If you can find a bitch bad as me, then show her to me other than that, I want ten.”


 Staring me in my eyes and I’m staring him back in his. “Ok Karessa’, ok, you got it, now let’s go get this money.” Before we got out the car, my phone started ringing. Damn, it’s Samara, I forgot about tonight. When somebody talks money to me and about getting it right then and there, that’s what my mind is on. “What’s up girl?” “What’s up, I’m on my way to you, what’s your address?” “Listen, give me about an hour, I done got myself wrapped up in a situation, once I’m done I’ll call you, then you can meet me at my apartment.” After a short pause “That’s cool, I’ll go get something to eat, don’t leave me hanging.” “Just one hour I promise. I’ll hit your phone as soon as I’m finished, I got you.” Damn, I need that job more than this one, especially since this clown trying to stiff me on it. Let me get this over with so I can handle the business I got with Samara. I disabled the alarm system, hid in the bushes while Cody broke in through the side door. Ten minutes has gone past, he should be getting ready to show his face. After another ten minutes, I decided to go inside, to see what’s taking him so long. As I’m creeping around, I called out his name a couple of times. About time I reach the kitchen, the back door is open with a breeze blowing lightly through it. This son of a bitch left out the back door on me. He just fucked me with no Vaseline or a condom. Can’t believe I trusted him, he played me real good. Cody just another problem I will have to deal with later, let me go meet Samara.

  Leaving out the house, a vehicle is pulling into the drive way. So I ducked back inside ran through the living room to the kitchen. Left out the back door and hopped over the fence and made it to my car. Riding back to my house to meet Samara, I called Cody phone, of course he didn’t answer. I didn’t leave a message because the message I have, I will deliver it personally. When I pulled up in front of my building, Samara is standing out front, puffing on one of her miniature cigars, drinking on a juice. “Hey chick, let’s go upstairs.” Walking up the stairs, she blurted out you know you got a nice ass. Caught off guard, I thanked her, feeling a bit weird but at the same time flattered. When we get in my apartment, I flopped down on my couch while Samara sat on my love seat. “What’s wrong girl, you looking tired and what’s up with all the black clothing, you going Goth now?” Slightly rolling my eyes at her “I had to take care of something, but it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.” “I understand, maybe next time.” “Definitely the next time, you can be sure of it. What you got for me?” as I sat up on the couch. Samara gets up from the love seat and sat next to me. “This is the moneylope, the first ten like I told you.” Giggling “The moneylope huh, how cute, it looks more like a big ass yellow envelope to me.” “It is, but what’s inside is guaranteed money.” “I see said the blind man, so when do you need this back?” “Sunday, I’m making the first drop off Monday. By the end of the week I’ll bring you more clients and keep the same routine from there.” “Good, good.” As I shake my head. “I guess we are done here, see you Sunday, what’s a good time for you Karessa’?” “Come around seven, seven thirty ish, I’ll have everything ready to go.” We both stood up at the same time, Samara looking me in my face.

​   “Do you drink Karessa’?” Wondering should I answer the question “In fact I do, about to jump in the shower, get comfortable and sip on some tequila after you leave.” “Well, that sounds like a plan, maybe Sunday when I come over, we can do some shots, my treat.” “Since it’s your treat how could I say no, it’s a date.” Walking towards the door, she turned around and smile. “It sure will be, looking forward to it, bye Karessa’.” “See you in a minute Samara.”

Closing and locking my door, it seems as if my clothes just melted off me. I left a trail from the front door to my bathroom. Washing up, all I could think about is how Cody played me. Excuse my French but that was a bitch move he pulled on me. All I wanted was a fair share of the loot, if he were telling the truth. He’s going to get thirty big faces plus the jewelry and all I wanted was ten. This is the reason why I always do things solo. It’s hard for me to trust people, it’s no more honor amongst thieves anymore. But he’s going to pay me, see this is the deal with individuals like Cody.

  They are creatures of habit he’s been staying in the old neighborhood and doing the same thing like forever. Where did I just pick him up from tonight, the hood in front of his house; where he still living in his grandmother’s attic. He’s not hard to find, not at all, by a long shot. See how’s he thinking, I’m looking for him right now, the thing about it is, I am. But it’s going to be minimal, just to show my face, here and there. It’s going to get back to him that I have been looking for him. So he’s going to stay low off the radar, only move around when he has to. Picking out the curtains before he steps on the concrete, screening his phone calls, tell his grandmother to tell me he’s not home. But the one thing I’ve learned out of all things the armed service had trained me for, is patience. Wait your enemy out, no matter how long it takes, you wait before you strike. Because once you do, the blow will have to be so severe, that it renders your enemy helpless. That’s why Cody can hide for the next week, month or year, but before he leaves this God giving earth, he’s going to pay me by cash or his life. 

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ILL 4 Life! Our Time, My Story

 Chapter 5

 One day we had a studio session, niggas was hungry, so we order some food from the restaurant down the street. A few of our Assassins went to go pick the food up. It was Riot, Equalizer, Determination and his cousin Angie. If you know anything about Chicago, you know this is nation city, gang bang capitol. It’s not just colors, but the way you wear the bib on your cap, the way the logo on your skull cap facing that we call, having your shit cocked or broke. Either you broke it to the left (Which stand for People Nation) or to the right (Which stands for Folks Nation).


 Let me tell you, even though the Ill-State Assassins was created by the motivation of hip hop, a lot of our members has gang ties, also, other crews inside the Chi Town hip hop community has them also. When they got to the restaurant to pick up our food; it was some dudes inside the spot. Riot had his cap cocked like he always does, to the right. So, one of them niggas told Riot to straighten up his shit. Come to find out, after the fact, this restaurant was in the Black Stones neighborhood. Now as the story goes, Riot told him I ain’t straighten up shit. One of the dudes swung on Riot. Then, E.q swung on that nigga and a fight broke out.


As this was happening, one of the guys that our Assassins were into it with ran to go get some reinforcement. Even Angie was throwing blows, fighting, helping out. We get a call at the studio, I forgot who called, but letting us know what’s going down at the restaurant, without hesitation we ran to where they were at. About the time we got there, the police had arrived. Riot and E.q still heated from the incident. The guys they had squabbled with, was gone in the wind. They started telling us what had happen our Assassins didn’t get hurt, that’s the main concern. They had handled that business and even Angie gave some assistance. It was good thing that they came out unscarred. That incident didn’t stop us from coming through their hood, to go to the studio and the restaurant. It just made us more aware and our bond got even tighter than it was before.